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Dare to follow your dream

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This Book is for all children who have a dream and for those who have not yet dared to dream.

This story strengthens the self-consciousness of girls and boys! A book about Eunice Beckmann and her success in womens football. A picture book recommended for 6 years and up. 


You can do it! Don’t you ever let anyone tell you different. Football is for everyone! 

Ever since she was a little child, Eunice is thinking about soccer. At night she would dream about scoring goals in front of a cheering crowd. That’s why she’s ambitious about her goal to become a professional football player and she’ll do anything to make her dream come true. Even though she is always the only girl at the beginning, she’s eager to pursue her goals and won’t let anything get in her way. That’s how she became a successful athletes in womens football in Germany. 

The author, Joceline Altevogt, gives us an impression about Eunice Beckmann and the story of her life. It motivates, strengthens and shows us that it is worthwhile to hold on to your dreams, even if it is not always easy.


This book:

  • Motivates girls: You can be whatever and whoever you want to be! Hold on to your dreams and be brave. 
  • Celebrates diversity through the beautiful artwork of Thomas Delaroziere. 
  • Is an age appropriate biography about the German national football player Eunice Beckmann. 
  • Shows us a great role model for all children - not only the football fans! 


From backyard football to the national team (league): Rocky roads and big goals 

„Dare to follow your dream“, an illustrated story book that strengthens children and their self-consciousness. It also shows us that stars are made, not born. Eunice always trains hard and sticks to her goal to become a professional football player. There are many setbacks and injuries but she manages to win many tournaments, even two German championships. Her road takes her all the way to the United States and finally back to her football team in Cologne, Germany. 

Eunice is an inspiring personality who’s always pursuing her goals. Her story motivates children to believe in themselves and to celebrate their accomplishments.


  • Hardcover book, size 30x24 cm 
  • With 38 colourful pages
  • For all genders 
  • For more diversity
  • FSC certified 

Written by Joceline Altevogt
Illustrated by Thomas Delaroziere

Translated by Nora Abakar

Dare to follow your dream 
ISBN: 978-3-9823286-4-5